About the Department of Geography & Environment

The Department of Geography & Environment at the University of Lethbridge offers exciting programs in key career fields with strong employment prospects. Become an expert on current issues, challenges and opportunities through our unique multidisciplinary and experiential learning programs, covering a wide range of topics such as:

  • archaeology
  • climate change science
  • environmental science
  • field techniques
  • human geography
  • physical geography
  • remote sensing (drones, satellites)
  • urban and regional studies

We also offer a concentration in Geographical Information Science (GIS). Learn about Google Earth, satellite imaging, drones, GIS, mobile geo-apps, digital mapping, location analysis, environmental modeling, fieldwork, and much more. In addition, we participate in the delivery of combined and multidisciplinary degrees.

The Department of Geography & Environment has a very active presence on campus through its student club. They are a vibrant club that organizes various field trips and related geographical activities on campus.