Faculty Members in Archaeology

Shawn Bubel

Dr. Shawn Bubel, Professor

Shawn Bubel has worked on archaeological excavations across the world, including Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Poland, Belgium, and Canada. Her current field projects are at the Fincastle site in southern Alberta, a bison kill site dated to 2,500 years ago, Fort Vermilion in northern Alberta, one of earliest fur trade sites in the province, and Tel Beth-Shemesh in Israel, an ancient city that was occupied from 1,800 to 635 BCE. Shawn’s research focuses on the site formation processes and geoarchaeology at these and other sites, but she conducts lithic and faunal analyses well. In addition to teaching the more ‘traditional’ classroom-based courses, Shawn teaches students how to carry out field and laboratory research. If you would like to participate in an archaeology field school or learn more about how to get involved in her research projects Visit Shawn's Homepage.



Kevin McGeough

Dr. Kevin McGeough, Professor

Kevin McGeough has participated in archaeological excavations in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Turkey. Much of his work has involved the development of approaches to integrate textual and archaeological data, especially in regards to the Late Bronze Age city of Ugarit. Kevin attempts to approach the ancient world from a world historical perspective and as part of this approach was one of the editors of ABC-Clio’s World History Encyclopedia. As part of his current research program, Kevin is investigating how the ancient Near East has been presented to non-specialist audiences from the Early Modern Period to the present. Kevin is currently the editor of the American Schools of Oriental Research's Archaeological Report Series. Visit Kevin's Homepage.



Kenneth Holyoke, Assistant Professor

My research interests include lithic quarries, sourcing, and lithic analysis; hunter-gatherer mobility, settlement, and exchange, place-making, Pre-Contact archaeology in Northeastern North American and the Maritime Peninsula and CRM, heritage legislation and ethics in North America. 

Visit Ken's Homepage. 




Dr. Walter Aufrecht, Professor Emeritus - Walter Aufrecht is the author of numerous works including A Corpus of Ammonite Inscriptions.