Conservation and Biodiversity Concentration

Imagine establishing policy to protect endangered species, investigating the effects of human disturbance on bird or fish communities, or discovering new ways to protect local grassland ecosystems!

By combining specialized training in theoretical and practical elements of conservation biology and biodiversity sciences, this concentration allows you to focus your biology degree on this exciting and globally-important sub-discipline in the biological sciences.  
If you are interested in a career in conservation, including work with government agencies, agriculture, fisheries, Parks or environmental monitoring, this is the concentration for you. Students completing a major in biological sciences may declare a concentration in conservation and biodiversity to distinguish their degree upon completion.

  • Focused courses in ecology, evolution, and conservation
  • Exciting field-course options
  • Opportunity to distinguish your transcript to future employers and graduate schools
  • Small classes with direct mentorship from leading researchers in conservation

The conservation and biodiversity concentration can be added to your major at any time in your program by completing the required course Biology 4605 (Conservation Biology) and four additional courses from the concentration course lists.

Required courses:

  • Biology 4605 - Conservation Biology
  • One of:
    • Biology 3520 - Invertebrate Zoology
    • Biology 3530 - Vertebrate Zoology
    • Biology 3560 - Integrative Plant Biology
  • Three of:
    • Biology 3630 - Field Biology or Biology 3660 - Field Botany
    • Biology 3700 - Ecosystem Ecology
    • Biology 3710 - Population Biology
    • Biology 3720 - Community Ecology
    • Biology 4210 - Environmental Genomics
    • Biology 4700 - Molecular Ecology
    • Biology 4740 - Behavioural Ecology
    • 1Political Science 3260 - Canadian Public Policy or Philosophy 2236 - Environmental Philosophy or Economics 3220 - Environmental Economics
    • 2Biology 3990 or 4990 - Independent Study

1Prerequisite required that is not part of the major.
2One independent study may be used as part of the concentration provided (1) it is clearly related to conservation and biodiversity and (2) it is approved by the Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences.