Biomedical Sciences Concentration

Imagine being involved in cutting-edge cancer research, helping to purify plant extracts that alleviate chronic pain, assessing the toxicity of industrial chemicals, or studying the genes that lead to human diseases!

The biomedical sciences concentration allows you to focus your biology degree on this exciting and globally important field in the biological sciences.  
If you are interested in a career in human and or animal health including medicine, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, toxicology, genomics or genetics, this is the concentration for you.  Students completing a major in biological sciences may declare a concentration in biomedical sciences to distinguish their degree upon completion.  

  • Focused courses in biomedical research fields
  • Opportunity to stand-out to future employers and medical or other post-graduate schools with a transcript distinction
  • Small classes with direct mentorship and contact with professors who are researchers in the field

The biomedical sciences concentration can be added to your major at any time in your program by completing the required course Biology 3110 (Cell Signalling) and four additional courses from the concentration course lists.

Required courses:

  • Biology 3110 - Cell Signalling
  • One of:
    • Biology 3000 - Gene Expression and Regulation
    • Biology 3005 - Genomes
  • One of:
    • Biology 3310 - Developmental Biology
    • Biology 3420 - Animal Physiology
  • Two of:
    • Biology 4130 - Medical Genomics
    • Biology 4140 - RNA Biology
    • Biology 4155 - Cannabis and Health
    • Biology 4180 - Natural Products
    • Biology 4230 - Molecular and Cellular Biology of Cancer
    • Biology 4440 - Toxicology

Students may not double count courses required for the concentration in biomedical sciences in fulfilling requirements for the major. In such cases, students must select another option. For students who complete all requirements with a GPA of at least 3.00 calculated on the concentration courses, the concentration in biomedical sciences will be acknowledged on the official academic transcript.