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Biological sciences delve into the world of living organisms — from microbes, to human beings, to entire ecosystems. It is the science of life on, under and above earth.


The Department of Biological Sciences provides you with hands-on learning, moving you beyond textbooks and lectures to engaging research projects. Biology is a research-intensive science that can lead to a wide range of study areas, like environmental work, medicine, microbiology or agriculture. Exploring the nature of life leads biologists out into the world where they study how organisms interact with their environment, how they function and how they evolved over time.

Department Highlights

Sustainable potato production the focus of new funding for University of Lethbridge researchers

Potatoes are an important economic crop in southern Alberta and, around the world, the humble potato is a key component of global food security.

Researchers from the University of Lethbridge have been awarded nearly $250,000 through the Agriculture Funding Consortium to improve sustainable potato production by looking at ways to reduce disease in the field and in storage and to increase production while minimizing the use of resources.

Postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Marta Gerasymchuk, to receive 2023 University of Lethbridge Volunteer Award

Since joining the University of Lethbridge in 2018 as an international PhD student, Dr. Marta Gerasymchuk (PhD '22), a medical doctor with two additional PhDs, has made it a priority to positively influence her community by volunteering her time at local agencies and using her experience to assist incoming international students with their transition to Canadian living. At Spring 2023 Convocation, Gerasymchuk will be honoured with the 2023 University of Lethbridge Volunteer Award.

Eager for new knowledge and a desire to study the molecular aspects of aging, Dr. Marta Gerasymchuk, a medical doctor and associate professor in the pathophysiology department of Ivano-Frankivsk Medical University, left her native Ukraine in 2018 to pursue another PhD in molecular sciences. Her introduction to Canada was difficult and she faced many barriers as she tried to navigate the difficult transition to a new country.

Ruffed Grouse study to aid in management of prized game bird

Future hunting seasons for Alberta’s Ruffed Grouse population may be managed differently once the results of a new study by University of Lethbridge researchers Drs. Theresa Burg and Andrew Iwaniuk are analyzed.

The study, which received $30,400 in funding support from the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA), seeks to build on previous work that identified the southwestern Ruffed Grouse population in the Crowsnest Pass area differs genetically from other Alberta populations. The goal now is to determine how many populations can be identified with genomics methods applied to a broader sampling of Ruffed Grouse populations across the province.

ULethbridge biology professor collaborates with grad student on engaging recap of research work

Endangered plants in Canada don't enjoy the same public attention and concern that at-risk animals do. ULethbridge professor Jenny McCune collaborated with a New Media grad to try and change that.

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Collegiate and high school iGEM teams work to counteract clubroot and aquaculture disease

At the University of Lethbridge, the award-winning undergraduate and high school iGEM teams are spending their summers focusing on separate but critical projects in counteracting clubroot and targeting disease in aquaculture.

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Q&A with Spring 2023 graduate Jessica Haenni

Jessica Haenni (BSc '23) is a leader on the basketball court. When the clock is counting down, you want the ball in her hands. Her leadership doesn't stop when the game is over. …

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