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Biological sciences delve into the world of living organisms — from microbes, to human beings, to entire ecosystems. It is the science of life on, under and above earth.


The Department of Biological Sciences provides you with hands-on learning, moving you beyond textbooks and lectures to engaging research projects. Biology is a research-intensive science that can lead to a wide range of study areas, like environmental work, medicine, microbiology or agriculture. Exploring the nature of life leads biologists out into the world where they study how organisms interact with their environment, how they function and how they evolved over time.

Department Highlights

$10-million partnership will study the effectiveness of Canada’s wetlands in helping achieve climate targets

Wetlands provide habitat for wildlife, filtration for water and even play a role in protecting us from drought. Now a group of Canadian researchers, including Drs. Larry Flanagan and Matthew Bogard from the University of Lethbridge, will study them to learn more about their exact role in combating climate change.

Led by Dr. Irena Creed, vice-principal of research and innovation at the University of Toronto, Scarborough, the project will build scientific understanding of wetlands, their function and the services they provide.

“There’s an assumption that nature is storing carbon to a certain degree, but we need stronger evidence to truly know how effective wetlands are as a nature-based climate solution,” says Creed.

Yamin Raza

University of Lethbridge student takes top thesis prize at Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop

Yamin Raza (BSc ’22) capped off her undergraduate degree by winning an award for the best undergraduate thesis in the field of ecotoxicology. She presented her research and received the award at the recent annual conference of the Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop.

“I was extremely honoured to receive the award,” says Raza. “But mainly I’m very grateful to my supervisor, Dr. Steve Wiseman, for all the time he invested in me as an undergrad student. It’s only with his support and the opportunities he provided me that I was able to make this achievement.”

Compound found in tires toxic to certain fish

As the treads on tires wear down, small particles of rubber fall off onto roadways where they react with oxidants such as ozone. And when it rains, these particles get flushed down storm drains and into waterways where they can be toxic to certain species of fish.

“For some time now, we’ve seen coho salmon along the west coast of the United States die after rainfall events,” says Dr. Steve Wiseman, a University of Lethbridge biology professor and Canada Research Chair in Aquatic and Mechanistic Toxicology. “Research suggested that tire-related chemicals might be responsible for this.”

Shining Student Kailyn Baum

Despite already knowing that a degree in biological sciences at ULethbridge would set her up for a future in veterinary medicine, Shining Student Kailyn Baum joined the Co-operative Education program to broaden her scope …

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Shining Student Jessenia Buzunis-Delagneau

Shining Student Jessenia Buzunis-Delagneau knew what she wanted to study for a long time before she came to ULethbridge. Philosophy is her life's passion, and she has always been very excited and interested …

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Shining Student Alyssa Groves

Shining Student Alyssa Grove's involvement in research early on in her degree enabled her to define the area of medicine she intends to pursue after graduation. She now plans to become a physician …

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