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Biological sciences delve into the world of living organisms — from microbes, to human beings, to entire ecosystems. It is the science of life on, under and above earth.


The Department of Biological Sciences provides you with hands-on learning, moving you beyond textbooks and lectures to engaging research projects. Biology is a research-intensive science that can lead to a wide range of study areas, like environmental work, medicine, microbiology or agriculture. Exploring the nature of life leads biologists out into the world where they study how organisms interact with their environment, how they function and how they evolved over time.

Department Highlights

Dr. Julie Lee-Yaw

PUBlic Professor Series | Dr. Julie Lee-Yaw

Join biological sciences professor, Dr. Julie Lee-Yaw, as she explores

The secrets of salamanders: what can amphibians teach us about environmental change and resilience?

Thursday, February 24, 2022 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Event Location: Sandman Signature Lethbridge Lodge, 320 Scenic Dr S, Lethbridge, AB

Important Information for Registering for Fall Courses

*****PLEASE READ​*****

We know you are thinking ahead to 2021/22 and registering for your fall courses.  While some courses like Biol 1010 and 1020 are offered in both the fall and spring semester, many other required classes are only offered once a year.  As such it is important to plan ahead and take them in the appropriate year when they are offered to avoid downstream problems with pre-requisites for third and fourth year classes.  Below is a list of the required classes for Biology major and when they are typically* offered.  It does not include the list courses in third year where you have options.

First Year

  • Biol 1010 Cellular Basis of Life fall (2 sections) and spring semester
  • Biol 1020 Diversity of Life fall and spring semester

 Second Year

  • Biol 2000 Principles of Genetics fall and spring semester
  • Biol 2150 Biostatistics fall semester only
  • Biol 2200 Principles of Ecology fall semester only
  • Biol 2300 Cell Biology spring semester only

 Third Year

  • Biol 3300 Evolution spring semester only

 Fourth Year

  • Biol 4500 Seminars spring semester only

*based on the current schedule for 21/22 and tentative timetable for 22/23 

Master of Science in Biological Sciences (Sustainable Agriculture)

Agriculture has become one of the most important applications of scientific knowledge. The challenge of feeding a planet while sustaining the health of the environment and agricultural workers requires expertise in biological science.

The University of Lethbridge, with financial support from the McCain Foundation, is funding research for students in a Master of Science program majoring in Biological Sciences (focusing on Sustainable Agriculture). Successful applicants will have a BSc degree, or equivalent, and meet all the admission requirements of the School of Graduate Studies. All qualified applicants will be considered for one of six McCain Biology Sustainable Agriculture MSc Awards valued at $20,000/year for two years.  Additional financial support may be available. Thesis research projects related to water, plants, climate change, natural products, microbiology, toxicology, and genetics are central to Sustainable Agriculture and can be supervised by professors with relevant expertise in the Department of Biological Sciences.

Faculty Friday | Dr. Shelley Hoover, biological sciences

Did you know: while honey bees were introduced to Canada from Europe, we have over 300 species of native bee in Alberta. They come in many beautiful shapes and sizes, including metallic …

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HYRS - Zaynab Enayetullah

Zaynab Enayetullah worked in the Department of Biological Sciences during her time in the HYRS program. She looked at genes controlling root elongation, research which enhanced her understanding of plant genetics.

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Faculty Friday | Dr. Kim Stanford

This summer, the University of Lethbridge is hosting an Agri-Food Summer Speaker series. Dr. Kim Stanford was on the panel of the first event on June 29, so we caught up with …

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