The Department of Biological Sciences

What is Biological Sciences?

Biological Sciences delve into the world of living organisms—from microbes, to human beings, to entire ecosystems. It is the science of life on, under and above earth.

Exploring the nature of life leads biologists out into the world where they study how organisms interact with their environment, how they function and how they evolved over time.

The Department of Biological Sciences provides you with hands-on learning, moving you beyond textbooks and lectures to engaging research projects. Biology is a research-intensive science that can lead to a wide range of study areas, like environmental work, medicine, microbiology or agriculture.

Today’s biologists require a strong background in cellular and molecular biology, organismal biology, genetics, evolution and ecology. Additionally, you will be required to complete courses in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, ensuring a strong foundation in the core sciences. 

You will also have access to state-of-the-art science and research facilities, like the Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Water Research. This facility provides the infrastructure to support the research interests of our award-winning faculty—your instructors—as they investigate diverse areas within Behavioural and Evolutionary Ecology, Plant Biology and Systemic Biology, Cellular and Molecular Biology and Genetics.