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Research Interests:

Biomolecular Interactions: The unifying theme of my research is to study multi-domain proteins, protein-protein and protein-nucleic acids complexes that affect various cellular processes.

Host Protein - Viral RNA Interactions

Viruses require host machinery to replicate and propagate. Although our immune system has several layers of defense mechanisms, often viral infection results in hijacking host cell machinery. A variety of host proteins recognize viral RNA molecules as a part of an innate immune system. On the other hand, in some cases viral RNA recognize and employ host proteins to facilitate their replication and propogation. The main focus of our group is to understand in fine detail how viral components recognize DEAD-box helicases (e.g. DDX1, DDX3 and DDX5) and develop novel inhibitors to interfere with host-viral component interactions and therefore inhibit viral replication using a multidisciplinary approach.

West Nile Virus 3’ UTR – OAS1 complex, PubMed:25871524


Adenovirus VAI – PKR complex, PubMed: 24291322


Published articles : 39 with first author of 17 articles and corresponding author of 6 articles. > 500 citations with an h-index of 13.

ORCID: 0000-0003-0627-2923

ResearcherID: F-2776-2011

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Recent Publications

Gillis, R. B., Adams, G. G., Besong, T. M., Machová, E., Ebringerová, A., Rowe, A. J., Harding, S. E. and Patel, T. R.# Application of novel analytical ultracentrifuge analysis to solutions of fungal mannans. European Biophysics Journal (2016), 1-11

Sarhan, A. R., Patel, T. R., Tomlinson, M. G., Hellberg, C., Heath, J. K., Cunningham, D. L. and Hotchin N. A. LAR protein tyrosine phosphatase regulates focal adhesions via CDK1. Journal of Cell Sciences (2016) 29, 175-185

Sarhan, A. R., Patel, T. R., Creese, A. J., Tomlinson, M. G., Hellberg, C., Heath, J. K., Hotchin N. A. and Cunningham, D. L. Regulation of platelet derived growth factor signalling by Leukocyte common antigen-related (LAR) protein tyrosine phosphatase: a quantitative phosphoproteomics study. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics (2016) 15, 1823-1836

Reuten, R., Nikodemus, D., Oliveria, M. B., Patel, T. R., Brachvogel, B., Breloy, I., Stetefeld, J. and Koch, M.  Maltose-binding protein (MBP), a secretion-enhancing tag for mammalian protein expression systems. PLoS One (2016) 1, e0152386

Meier, M., Delcros, J, G., Nikodemus, D., Reuten, R., Patel, T. R., Goldschneider, D., Orriss, G., Krahn, N., Dean, Y., Neves, D., Bernet, A., Depil, S., Schneiders, F., Poole, K., Mehlen, P., Koch, M. and Stetefeld, J. Structural decoding of the Netrin-1-UNC5 interaction and its therapeutical implications in cancers. Cancer Cell (2016) 29, 175-185

Patel, T. R.,# Nikodemus, D., Reuten, R., Besong, T. M., Meier, M., Winzor, D. J., Koch, M. and Stetefeld, J. Biophysical analysis of a lethal laminin alpha-1 mutation reveals altered self-interaction. Matrix Biology (2016) 49, 93-105

Patel, T. R.#, Winzor, D. J. and Scott, D. J. Analytical ultracentrifugation: A versatile tool for the characterisation of macromolecular complexes in solution. Methods (2016) 95, 55-61