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What do you love?

Are you fascinated by genetic modification? Do you dream of helping to solve global health or resource issues by developing new ways to combat diseases or by creating alternative food or energy sources? Does a career in Medicine or Pharmacology interest you?

Develop your passion in Biochemistry.

Learn more about Biochemistry at the U of L!

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Lethbridge!

Why a degree in Biochemistry? Biochemistry is the study of all living systems at the molecular level. It looks at the chemical and physical basis of life and how these microcosms interact with their environments.

It is a demanding field that combines expertise in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Versatility and intense curiosity are the hallmarks of successful Biochemists, as they draw on knowledge from a variety of fields to investigate the molecules that facilitate life.

There are many areas within the discipline to focus on. Chemistry & Biochemistry and Biological Sciences professors at the University of Lethbridge do research in:

  • Antibiotics & Bio-Nanomachines
  • RNA Structure and Function
  • Biochemical Systems
  • RNA Processing Enzymes
  • Cellular Protein Factories
  • Plant Hormones
  • Cellular Effects of Ionizing Radiation
  • Genetic & Molecular Mechanisms
  • DNA Repair & Genome Stability
  • Plant Development & Pattern Formation
  • Cancer Research Formation
  • Carbon Utilization

As an undergraduate you will experience advantages such as:

  • Small class sizes
  • Personalized interaction with professors
  • State of the art instrumentation in research labs
  • You can work in a research lab
    • on an Independent Study (IS)
    • do an Applied Study
    • as a research assistant
    • even full-time as a Co-op student.

Majors we offer:

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