WHIS&T 2012

AMETHYST Workshop on Hyperspectral Imaging Science & Technology, 2012 


On May 23rd and 24th, the AMETHYST Program hosted its annual Workshop on Hyperspectral Imaging Science and Technology (WHIS&T 2012). The event followed a mini-conference format with four half-day sessions. Each session had a presentation from one of the four invited guest speakers in addition to presentations from students related to their graduate research in the topic areas.


What: Hyperspectral Imaging Workshop (WHIS&T 2012)

When: May 23rd (8:45am - 4:00pm) and May 24th (9:00am - 4:00pm)

Where: Markin Hall, M1040.




Invited Guest Speakers:

  1. Dr. Christian Beaulieu - University of Alberta
    “The molecular diffusion of water: how to measure with MRI and what it can tell us about human brain”
  2. Dr. Nicholas Coops - University of British Columbia
    “The use of imaging spectroscopy for plant vegetation functioning” 
  3. Dr. Doug Degenstein - University of Saskatchewan
    "OSIRIS on Odin - More than a decade of scattered sunlight measurements"
  4. Dr. Xulin Guo - University of Saskatchewan
    “Challenges facing grassland remote sensing”



Registration is now closed for this Workshop.

We have waived the registration fees for this year’s workshop if you register before May 14th by 4:30pm. Please print off / complete the form, and deliver it to the UofL Conference and Events Services Office to register (you can scan & email it, use intercampus mail or deliver it in person). 

U of L Office: P100 – Piikani House
Phone: 403-329-5166
Email: cnf(at)uleth.ca




On-campus accommodations for out-of-town guests are available. There are different types of accommodations, depending on the size of your travelling party, . You can view videos of the accommodations at http://www.youtube.com/user/UofLConference. Prices are indicated below.


1 bedroom apartment: $68.93/night
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To book accommodations, please fill out a WHIS&T_Reservation form and submit it with your workshop registration form. Questions regarding accommodations can be sent to the UofL Conference and Event Services Office: 


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