WCP&WP 2011

On February 15th, 2011 the AMETHYST Program hosted their first Workshop on Career Development and Workforce Preparation (WCD&WP 2011). The workshop included presentations from Mr. Cal Koskowich (National Research Council Canada) and Mr. Refah Seyed Mahmoud (Montana State University) in the morning. Both presentations have been converted to PDF format, and can be found below. Dr. Robert Boudreau (University of Lethbridge) presented his Bourdeau Burnout Questionnaire, which was completed by the workshop attendees in the afternoon.




Cal Koskowich: “Multi-sector Technology Transfer: Challenges and Opportunities for University Graduates Entering the Workforce”

The ways we can look at our world and the things we see in it are driven by imaging science and technology. From the very large to the very small, and from very fast to very slow, the ability to gather and analyze imagery is key to the next generation of applications, products and systems. With perspective gained from industrial projects and imagery applications, the recurring challenge of "Who does it, the scientist, the engineer or the programmer?" will be illuminated.

U of L IRAP Imaging (Cal Koskowich)


Refah Mahmoud: "Beyond the Planetarium: Science Outreach in the Modern Media-tropolis"

Advances in imaging technology have redefined the theatre space: 3D capture and projection systems bring depth to flat screens, ultra-high resolution digital projectors exploit the unique anamorphic properties of the planetarium, and architectural projection mapping transforms entire buildings into morphing, volumetric canvases. Science and educational films are the first to inhabit a new media world, rich in both storytelling opportunities and technical challenges.

Beyond the Planetarium (Refah Mahmoud)