Over thirty-five collaborators have committed to hosting internships for the AMETHYST Pathways Program, many of them non-academic. The three interaction streams with our non-academic partners are outlined as follows.

  • Government stream: The trainees will be involved in mandate-driven strategic research and learn about policy and regulations and their effect on research and development.   This workplace exposure will enhance team-building skills while working on projects that are larger than those usually undertaken in the academic environments and will provide insight into interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving. This type of internship also gives government agencies the opportunity to train potential future R&D staff.  Confirmed collaborators include 5 Canadian government partners, 3 Alberta government partners, and 6 foreign government partners
  • Industry stream: In companies, trainees will be exposed to market-driven research, technology commercialization, and enterprise management. These engagements linked with academic-driven research will provide trainees the opportunity to gain appreciation of how to bring scientific products to the market place, something to which students are not exposed in a purely academic environment. Another benefit of this type of internship includes carrying out R&D against tight schedules.  Confirmed collaborators include 5 Canadian companies
  • Non-profit agency stream: In non-profit agencies, trainees will work in the offices of the agency but they will be involved in R&D projects that address requirements of government and/or industry entities that have contracted the non-profit agency to support their R&D.  Hence, these opportunities will allow trainees to acquire skills and experience in the same manner as outlined for the government and industry streams.  Confirmed collaborators include 2 non-profit entities, ATIC and Tecterra 

To see a full list of collaborating organizations, please click here.