AMETHYST Internships

Student Internships are offered at the Undergraduate (Co-op) and Graduate (Internship) levels.

Undergraduate Level (B.Sc.)

At the undergraduate level, AMETHYST cooperative education awards consist of three four-month summer internships completed over the duration of the student’s B.Sc. The placements give each student exposure to a university laboratory setting (first placement), an off-campus internship in a government research setting (second placement) and an industry setting (third placement). This exposure to a broad range of imaging science and technology possibilities provides insight to a wide range of employment opportunities. It also serves to enhance the students’ abilities in key areas of communication, project management, exposure to different work environments and networking. Each student will track their individual progress by conducting a sequence of skills assessments both prior to and post internship. AMETHYST Undergraduate Co-op awards are run in collaboration with the UofL Arts & Science Cooperative Eduction Office.


Graduate Level (M.Sc., Ph.D.)

Graduate students involved in the AMETHYST program are awarded a short-term internship. The goal of this internship will be to provide the student with training experience directly related to their graduate research. This internship could be hosted by government, industry or university laboratories and provides additional networking and important skill development for our students. Students at the master’s level are awarded a single internship, while Ph.D. students receive two research internships. As many of the students at the graduate level are joining the AMETHYST program for the first time, the skills and technical workshops are also available, as well as the formulation of a professional development strategy and plan for each student.