Education Description

The goal of AMETHYST is to create an interdisciplinary approach to imaging science education from undergraduate to post-graduate training.  Our program is designed to ensure that Canada remains at the forefront of imaging science and technology by using innovative methods for the promotion and enhancement of imaging science across disciplines. Our vision is that the AMETHYST program will provide enhanced learning experiences at all educational levels by presenting students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in cross-disciplinary settings.  At each level, AMETHYST has specific goals with respect to professional skills development in project management, written and oral communication, team building, entrepreneurship, time and stress management, understanding of differences in learning styles, and conflict resolution. Our approach will engender excellent learning, research and technical abilities. AMETHYST trainees with skills in hyperspectral imaging science and technology will be optimally placed to pursue graduate studies or employment in the resource, environment, geomatics, aerospace, neuro-imaging and security sectors.

The AMETHYST program is based on five key components, as illustrated in the diagram below:

1. Multiple education levels,

2. Blended learning environments,

3. Professional skill development,

4. Interdisciplinary Partners,

5. Defined programming outcomes. 

This program is indended to prepare trainees for the highly interdisciplinary nature of modern imaging S&T and will facilitate the transition of trainees into the workforce by providing them with collaborative and integrative educational experiences in interdisciplinary multi-sector contexts.  We have called this approach the AMETHYST Pathways Program, which is based on an coaching model where students are given opportunities to explore a range of available options and learn directly from experts in a variety of settings (academic, government, and industrial).  This exposure is the key to ensuring that our program produces motivated and highly qualified personnel, ready to succeed in the expanding arena of imaging science and technology.


AMETHYST Pathways Program