Application into the AMETHYST Program

The NSERC CREATE AMETHYST Program funds exceptional trainees at all levels: Undergraduate, Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowships. Please find the applicable application form below, and follow the instructions to apply to the AMETHYST Program.

Undergraduate Application (B.Sc.):

Undergraduate students interested in applying for the AMETHYST program need to first apply to the UofL Arts & Science Cooperative Education Program, as available AMETHYST positions at the undergraduate level will be posted on their job board. Please contact Jasminn Berteotti (AMETHYST A&S Co-op Coordinator) or Trevor Armstrong (Co-op Coordinator) for more information.

*3.00 / 4.00 GPA is required for admittance into the AMETHYST program at this level.


Graduate Application (M.Sc., Ph.D.):

Students interested in completing a graduate degree in the AMETHYST Program are invited to fill out an application form for admittance into the University of Lethbridge School of Graduate Studies (SGS), which is required for admittance.


Application steps:

  • Applicants interested in the NSERC CREATE AMETHYST Program should meet with (or email) the AMETHYST Program Coordinator (Mr. David Rolfson: prior to applying to the School of Graduate Studies.


Graduate application deadlines are as follows:

Fall (September start) - SGS application deadline – February 1st (first round) or May 1st (second round)

Spring (January start) - SGS application deadline – October 1st

Summer (May start) - SGS application deadline – February 1st

*3.20 / 4.00 GPA is required for admittance into the AMETHYST program at the M.Sc. level.
*3.50 / 4.00 GPA is required for admittance into the AMETHYST program at the Ph.D. level.


Postdoctoral Fellowships Application (P.D.F.):

Postdoctoral Fellowships Application Form

*Please download and complete the P.D.F. Application Form (with 3 letters of support included) and send it, along with your current Curriculum Vitae and a copy of your transcript, to the AMETHYST Program Coordinator: David Rolfson.


If you have any questions regarding the application process, please visit this page, or contact the AMETHYST Program Coordinator:

Mr. David Rolfson
AMETHYST Program Coordinator
Alberta Water & Environmental Science Building
Office WE1002
Ph: (403)332-4448


The UofL is an equal opportunities employer. Visible minorities are encouraged to apply for all positions.