Transferring to the U of L

How do I know that my courses will transfer to the U of L?

The U of L has transfer agreements with many other colleges and universities. If you are attending a college or university in Alberta, check our Transfer Equivalency Database for useful transfer agreement information.

It is always a good idea to save your course outlines and materials! If your course(s) have not already been evaluated as part of a transfer agreement, we may need these materials to evaluate them for transfer credit.

If you cannot find your course(s) using the published transfer agreements, contact an Advisor for assistance.

What is unspecified transfer credit?

Unspecified transfer credit is awarded when the course you took is not equivalent to a specific course offered at the U of L, but it is recognized as a university-level course. Unspecified transfer credit is denoted by the discipline and level (i.e. ENGL 1XXX).

Contact a Student Program Advisor to see how your unspecified transfer credits fit into your program.

I completed a diploma at a college and have heard that I can transfer it to the U of L. What program does it transfer to?

The Faculty of Arts & Science offers several post-diploma degree programs that require 20 courses from the University of Lethbridge after the completion of an approved diploma. You can find out which degree program if any, your diploma is approved for here:

If you are not interested in one of our post-diploma degree programs, you may still receive credit for courses completed in your diploma. When you apply for admission to one of our other programs, the Admissions Office will review each course that you have completed for transfer credit.

Why didn’t I receive transfer credit for my course?

There are several reasons why you may not receive transfer credit for courses you have completed elsewhere:

  • The course(s) may not be appropriate to the program you transferred into;
  • You may have more 1000-level courses than allowed in your program;
  • You may have completed more transferable courses than the maximum allowed by the residence requirement of your program; or
  • You may have too many courses from outside of your Faculty.

Contact Admissions if you think you think you are missing transfer credit.