Advising Tips

  1. Register during your assigned registration window! Access to the registration system is staggered so you may not register at the same time as your friends. Check the Bridge for your registration dates.
  2. If you cannot access a course required for your major during your registration window, you may be eligible to waitlist. Course requests are only accepted during the designated waitlist period in the Spring or Fall semesters only. Check the Notice Board or the Timetable and Registration Guide for wait-list dates each semester.
  3. Seek help and advice if you are having difficulties. We can provide some strategies to consider, such as withdrawing from a course, changing programs or referring you to other student support services.
  4. Do not assume that rumours are true. Always check with an Advisor if you are unsure about program requirements or university policies.
  5. Be aware of important dates and deadlines such as adding courses, dropping courses, changing programs, withdrawing from courses, and graduation application. Click here for the calendar of important dates and deadlines.
  6. Relate your education to your career goals. Consider Applied Studies, Co-op placements, and Independent Studies.
  7. Familiarize yourself with the requirements of your program. Understanding what is needed in your program will also assist you with choosing your courses.
  8. Keep a copy of all university-related correspondence.
  9. Strive for a balance between school and your social life! Remember that a significant amount of studying and preparation outside class time will be needed for academic success.