Program Planning

It is important to maintain your Program Planning Guide and Worksheet (if applicable) because:

  • You can tell at a glance which courses you need to register in for an upcoming semester;
  • It is much easier to track your term-by-term progress towards your degree;
  • When you see an Advisor to have your program checked (and you will want to do this at least once!), you will need your updated Program Planning Guide and Worksheet (if applicable).

Instructions for completing your own program check are available in the left-hand menu.

Student Responsibilities for Program Planning

It is your responsibility to ensure that you complete the requirements for your degree. Refer to your Program Planning Guide and Worksheet (if applicable), and the Academic Calendar to plan your program and register in courses.

You should pay particular attention to prerequisite requirements and course sequencing so you can complete your program in the least amount of time.

Remember that program requirements vary depending on your calendar year (usually the year that you were admitted to the U of L), so your requirements may be different from a friend's requirements, even if you have the same major!

Arts & Science Student Program Advisors are here to help! We understand that the requirements for your degree program may be confusing. If you are unsure of your program requirements or which courses you should take when, please contact a Student Program Advisor!

Why wonder? Just ask!