Who registers me for my classes?

You must register for your classes on the Bridge.

What happens if I can’t get a class that I want?

If the course is required for your major you are eligible to waitlist for it. If the course is not required for your major, register in a different class for now and don’t panic! Course registration is constantly changing during the registration and Add/Drop period and if you are persistent there is a good chance that you will get the course(s) that you want.  Waitlisting is only available for Winter and Fall semesters.

The course instructor cannot help you get into the class.

I want to take two classes, but they overlap by just ten minutes. Can I register in both?

No, you cannot register for a class that is offered at the same time or overlaps with a course in which you are already registered, even if it is by just ten minutes.

May I take six classes in a semester?

Although we do not normally recommend taking six classes in a semester, you may choose to take six courses if you are in good academic standing. You must, however, wait until the first day of classes to be able to register in a sixth class. If you are considering taking six classes, it is a good idea to talk to a Student Program Advisor to help you plan your program.

I was dropped from my courses! What happened?

If this occurs during the Add/Drop period, one of two things probably happened. Either you had a duplicate registration or you did not have the prerequisite(s) for the course. Duplicate registration is when you are registered in two components (i.e., Labs) of the same course. Recheck your registration on the Bridge to make sure that everything is correct. If you think you have the prerequisite(s), but were still dropped from the course, you should talk to a Student Program Advisor. If you were dropped after the start of classes, it may be because you forgot to make a tuition payment and should contact the Cash Office.

How many classes do I need to take to be full-time?

Winter and Fall semesters: A part-time student is registered in fewer than 9.0 credit hours (three semester courses or equivalent). A full-time student is registered in a minimum of 9.0 credit hours (three or more semester courses or equivalent). A typical course load for a full-time undergraduate student is 15.0 credit hours (five courses) per semester. It should be stressed, however, that heavy course loads are a common cause of poor academic performance. Many students choose to take fewer than five courses per semester due to other commitments such as athletics, employment, or other responsibilities.

Students registered in Co-operative Education Work Experience courses are considered to be full-time.

Summer Sessions: Each Faculty has legislated a maximum enrolment per Summer Session for continuing students. Undergraduate students receiving government student loans for full-time studies during Summer (May - August) must be registered in a minimum of three (9.0 credit hours and enrolled in Summer Session I and II/III or Summer Session I, II and III. It may be possible for Alberta residents to receive Alberta Student Loans for one Summer session course, but all other borrowers should check with Scholarships and Student Finance staff about other provincial/ territorial eligibility.

If you are unsure of how many courses would be best for you, we encourage you to speak to a Student Program Advisor.

What if I want to take a course for which I do not have the prerequisite(s)?

In unique circumstances, students lacking the prerequisite(s) and/or corequisite(s) for an Arts & Science course may submit a Prerequisite Waiver Form. You must contact the instructor of the course, as well as the respective Department Chair to ask if they would be willing to waive the prerequisite(s) for the course. You may then forward their emailed approval to to have the waiver entered. Once it has been entered, you will be emailed that you can then attempt to register for the course. It is your responsibility to register in the the course, and having prerequisites waived does not guarantee your registration.

When do I register for my courses?

Each student is assigned an initial registration period each semester. You can check on the Bridge for your specific registration dates. After the initial registration period, registration continues for all students until the end of the Add/Drop period at the beginning of the semester. View important dates and deadlines on the Registrar's Office website.