Where can I find course descriptions?

Course descriptions are available online on the Student Enrolment and Registrar Services website.

What is an Independent Study?

An Independent Study is a 3.0 credit hour course that gives you the opportunity to design your own research project with a professor of your choice. Course requirements vary, but may include library and/or field research and a major term paper.

What is an Applied Study?

An Applied Study is a 3.0 credit hour course based on part-time work or volunteer experience. Applied Studies provide an opportunity to develop and demonstrate qualifications by integrating principles learned in the classroom with practical situations in work placements.

There are several different types of Applied Studies and students are encouraged to contact a Student Program Advisor before registering in an Applied Study to ensure that it will fit in their program.

What is a Topics Course?

Any course ending in 850 is a topics course. A topics course is one that is not regularly offered at the University of Lethbridge. The title and content of topics courses may vary with different offerings. Departments may use topics courses to try out a new course that they are considering regularizing or for faculty of offer courses related to their research. Topics courses are numbered 2850, 3850, and 4850. Students may take multiple topics courses for credit as long as each offering is distinct (i.e. having significantly different titles).

What is a Series Course?

Series courses are regularly offered courses in which the content may vary with each offering. Students may take a series course for credit more than once, as long as the title is significantly different each time. Series courses are identified as such in the course description.