Liberal Education List Requirement

What is the Liberal Education List Requirement?

In keeping with the liberal arts focus of the University, all students in an undergraduate degree program must complete the Liberal Education List Requirement (Lib Ed List Requirement). As some courses may not fit specific program requirements, students should consult their Faculty of School advising office. 

The Liberal Education Lists provide students with opportunities to critically explore a wide range of disciplines as embedded in academic programming.

*The individual Liberal Education and Library Science courses (LBED 1000, LBED 2000, LBED 3010, LBED 4000, and LBSC 2000) do not fulfill a requirement for any list.

Refer to the "Academic Regulations" section of the Undergraduate Academic Calendar for these lists, and for limitations on the courses that can be used for meeting the Liberal Education List Requirement.

How do I know which designation a specific course has?

Course designations can be found in the notes under the course listing in the Timetable on the Bridge.