Travel Awards

A limited number of Travel Awards are available to Undergraduate students who are travelling for academic purposes within their University of Lethbridge program.

Students must be in good academic standing and continuing full-time in a degree program while achieving a minimum of 2.00 GPA in the Fall or Spring term immediately preceding the period of travel or research to be considered for an award.

The application deadlines for undergraduate travel awards are:

  • November 1 - For travel or research occurring in Spring (January-April)
  • March 1 – For travel or research occurring in Summer (May-August)
  • July 1 – For travel or research occurring in Fall (September-December)


Applying for a Travel Award:

Please note - Paper applications are no longer accepted, to apply for Travel Awards, follow the steps below:

1. Login to the Bridge and click on Student

2. Click Apply for uLethbridge Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries and Sign In

3. Complete and submit the General Application (make sure to answer YES to the question "Do you intend to travel for academic purposes (e.g. Internships, Exchanges, Workshops, Conferences) in the upcoming/current academic year?").

4. Complete and submit the Travel Award Application


For information regarding Graduate Travel Awards please click here