Indigenous Awards

Indigenous Awards


The University of Lethbridge has a number of scholarships and awards specifically for Indigenous students. Some are general awards while others are designated for Indigenous students in a specific faculty or program. Many awards go unclaimed every year so we strongly recommend students apply for all awards they are qualified to receive. These include University of Lethbridge awards as well as those external to the institution.


Learn more about Indigenous awards, eligibility criteria and application deadlines. There are a number of general awards, as well as those for students taking a specific program.


You must have a University of Lethbridge ID number and an account on our student Information system called the Bridge before you can access the online scholarship application forms. This means you should apply for admission at least two weeks before the scholarship deadline in order to have your application processed and your Bridge account created. If you have questions regarding your ID number or the Bridge, please contact us.


Many agencies, employers and organizations offer awards for post-secondary students. These awards are external to the University, and they can be combined with any scholarships and awards you receive from uLethbridge.


Here is a list of organizations that have awards, scholarships and bursaries available for students who self-identify as Indigenous. Follow the links below: