Loan Helpful Hints

  • A Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or designated as a protected person
  • Enrolled in or qualified to enroll as a full-time student.
  • It is best to apply early - you should consider applying at least 60 days before your classes start so that you have time to prepare a budget plan.
    • For Fall loans the application opens mid-June
  • Please note that Alberta Student Aid will only process your completed application if it's received at least 30 days before your program end date.
  • Alberta Student Number (ASN) - If you are an Alberta student, you must supply your ASN on your loan application. If you do not know your number, or if you have moved to Alberta from another province, you may use the Learner Registry to obtain your ASN.
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN) - The name you indicate on your student loan application must match the name on your SIN card.
  • Academic Information (Program & Length, Start & End dates, Student ID number 
    • Program & Length  
      • To find your program - Go to the Bridge - View student information - Curriculum Information - should see the program you are registered in
      • If you are in a combined degree such as B.Sc / B.Ed you can indicate you are in a B.Sc for the first 3 years then switch your program to B.Ed for the last 2 years
    •  Start & End Dates:
      • The loan application is loaded with specific dates for fall, spring and summer
      • If you are on an exchange please contact our office
      • The loan application is loaded with specific dates for fall, spring and summer
  • Tuition and Fees - You will need to indicate how much your tuition, fees, books and supplies will cost. Should you have further questions please come and see us in AH115. Check the academic calendar for more information.
  • Financial Information: such as amount of money you'll get from your parents or other sources, values of awards you'll receive, expected reduced yearly income while you are in school. Additionally you will be requested tp provide your most recent income tax Line 15000:
    • Independent student - Provide your line 15000 from the previous tax year
    • Dependent student - Provide your line 15000 from the previous tax year and that of your parent(s)

Part-time Funding

The following costs are considered when determining part-time eligibility:

  • Tuition and mandatory fees
  • Books, supplies and instruments
  • disability-related costs (if required)
  • transportation - (if required)
  • Childcare - (if required) provide receipts if you need more than $724 per month, per child

Types of Funding for part-time loans

  • Part-time Federal Funding
  • Canada Student Grant for Part-time Studies
  • Canada Student Grant for Part-time Students with Dependants
  • Canada Student Grant for Students with Permanent Disabilities
  • Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Students with Permanent Disabilities
  • Alberta Part-time Grant
  • Access the Part-time Application - Loan Application Form
Starting May 2022 (for summer session and thereafter) students receiving student loans will receive all fund directly. Remember to pay your tuition and fees prior to the deadlines!