Roussel Group




The work of my group lies at the interface between chemistry, biology, mathematics and physics. I am interested in developing methods for modeling and simulating biochemical systems.

This raises a number of problems since cells are very different from the well-mixed dilute solutions typically studied in a lab. First of all, cellular components are often present in very small numbers, with DNA representing an extreme. This means that we can't use rate equations to model these systems, but must resort to a probabilistic theory. Second, eukaryotic cells are highly structured, being divided into compartments, most of which have inner structure of some sort. We have made some contributions to the development of stochastic (probabilistic) simulation methods.

I am also very interested in applications of these methods. We are currently developing detailed models of transcription, and we have done some work on nuclear export of RNA.

Detailed list of publications:

Group Members (Spring 2018)

  1. Catharine Roussel (Research Associate)
  2. Hossein Seyed Hosseini (PhD Student)
  3. Arnab Mitra (PhD Student)
  4. Olivia Marasco (Undergraduate)

Former Students

  • Olivia Marasco (Undergraduate)
  • Dr. Muhammad Sajid Iqbal (PhD)
  • Silky Sharma (MSc)
  • Wesley Mosimann (Undergraduate - Chinook Summer Research Award)
  • Eric Hill (Undergraduate)
  • Kody Beler (Undergraduate)
  • Blessing Okeke (MSc Student)
  • Ryan Kung (Undergraduate - NSERC USRA)
  • Kyle Wynnyk (Undergraduate)


  • Silky Sharma - Landahl Travel Award of the Society for Mathematical Biology
  • Hossein Seyed Hosseini - SIAM Student Travel Award (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics)