ARRTI Laboratory Equipment

- Quenched-flow apparatus (KinTek)
- Stopped-flow apparatus (KinTek and Applied Biophysics SpectraKinetic Monochromator)

Protein and RNA purification
- Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography (FPLC)
• Pharmacia
• BioRad BioLogic DuoFlow
- High-performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
• Waters HPLC system (Binary HPLC pump 1525, Dual λ absorbance detector 2487, and Multi λ fluorescence detector 2475)
- AKTA Pure and AKTA Prime Plus (GE)
- Vertical gel electrophoresis

Molecular biology
- Thermocyclers
- Horizontal gel electrophoresis
- UV Cross-linker
- BioRad Gene Pulser (electroporator)
- Gel sequencing equipment (CBS system and BioRad Sequi-Gen GT)

Cell culture
- Class II biological safety cabinets
- Water-jacketed CO2 incubator
- Shakers (MaxQ 4000)
- Centrifuge (various, from micro to ultra)
- Fridges and freezers (4°C, -20°C and -80°C)
- Microscope
- French pressure cell press
- Branson Sonifier 450
- Cell counting and sorting instruments are available through SynBridge

Imaging and detection
- Spectroline UV/white light transilluminator
- Spectrophotometers
• Jasco J-815 Circular Dichroism (CD) spectrometer
• Pharmacia Biotech UltraSpec 3000
• Genesys 10 UV
• DU640 spectrophotometer
• BioTek Eon Microplate spectrophotometer
• GL-3300 nitrogen laser (PTI)
• BioDrop µLITES
- GE Image Eraser
- Typhoon Trio variable mode imager
- Photo Doc-it Imaging System UVP
- LiCor western blot scanner (C-DiGit)

- TriCarb Liquid scintillation analyser
- LB 124 Handheld Contamination Monitor, Berthold

- Retsch RM200 grinder
- BioFlo / Calligen 115 Benchtop Fermentor and Bioreactor
- Air tables
• Vibraplane 9101 (Kinetic Systems)
• SmartTable ST series (Newport)
- Millipore Milli-Q Water Purification System
- pH meters

Additional instrumentation may be available through SynBridge.

Disclaimer: As there are many laboratories within ARRTI, the list of instrumentation is in flux. This information is kept as current as possible. Please contact ARRTI at for further information.