What is ARRTI?

The Alberta RNA Research and Training Institute is a research centre that is dedicated to fostering and factilitating RNA research and training excellence. ARRTI is the first RNA-focused research centre in Alberta.
It is a coordinated team effort, advancing RNA research initiatives such as the structure and function of small non-coding RNAs, biomolecular design and engineering, systems biology and mathematical modelling, and synthetic biology.

What does ARRTI do?

ARRTI uses primarily biophysical and engineering approaches in the study of structure and function of RNA-based cellular systems. Scientifically, ARRTI contributes to:

  • The understanding of cancer, hereditary and rare diseases, as well as antibiotics, and the development of corresponding treatments
  • Developments in crop protection and biofuel production processes
  • A better understanding of the building principles of biological RNA-protein complexes.

ARRTI is also working to build a national RNA research community, bringing together the Western Canadian RNA reseach community (by involvement with the RiboWest conference) and the Eastern Canadian RNA reseach community (by involvement in RiboClub, based out of the Université de Sherbrooke, in Quebec). Finally, ARRTI tries to make RNA research accessible to the community by having monthly public presentations from guest lecturers and ARRTI students.

To see what we have been doing, check out our annual reports!  

2017-18 ARRTI Annual Report

2016-17 ARRTI Annual Report