ARRTI Mass Spectrometry Facility

The Mass Spectrometry facility houses an Orbitrap Fusion™ Tribrid™ Mass Spectrometer.  

We offer primarily a peptide and protein identification service. See our service prices and sample preparation guidelines below.

Please contact Tony Russell ( to discuss submitting your samples or to discuss custom service.  Please include the Sample Submission Form with your samples.

Protein Sample
ARRTI Member University of Lethbridge External Academic Commercial or Industry

In gel digestion (/sample)

$20.00 $30.00 $40.00 $60.00
In solution digestion (/sample) $29.63 $44.44 $59.26 $88.89
NanoLC-MS (/h) $129.54 $194.32 $259.09 $388.63
Data analysis (/sample) $6.87 $10.30 $13.73 $20.60
Direct infusion $47.51 $71.27 $95.03 $142.54
LC-ESI-MS (/h) $145.73 $218.59 $291.45 $437.18
Data anaysis $5.56 $8.33 $11.11 $16.67
System setup (/order) $37.74 $56.61 $75.48 $113.23
Price is based on a 3 hour run-time to ensure adequate protein separation by LC prior to MS analysis
*Prices subject to change*
For LC-MS and sample preparation: 10% discount for 10-50 samples in a single order, 20% discount for >50 samples in a single order

Sample preparation guidelines

Samples for in-gel digests:
1. Coomassie stained gel bands from 0.75 to 1.0mm SDS-PAGE gels can be submitted in centrifuge tubes without water. Please label sample names on tubes.
2. In general, for protein ID from gel bands, any band clearly visible by Coomassie staining is acceptable.
3. To minimize keratin contamination, please use freshly prepared reagents, buffers, and work in a laminar flow hood when preparing samples.
4. Please de-stain gels thoroughly.
5. Please do not combine different bands in the same tube.
6. We DO NOT ACCEPT silver staining gel bands.
Samples for in-solution digests:
1. Proteins should be desalted in a water-based buffer with either dialysis or centrifuge filter in an appropriate MW cut-off membrane.
2. Please submit 40μl of 10μM of protein sample in centrifuge tubes with clear labeling on top/side.
3. If your sample has detergents and surfactants, they will have to be run on SDS-PAGE.  Submit gel bands for analysis.
Protein digestion:
1. The enzyme used for digestion is trypsin. If you want a digestion with another enzyme, you will have to provide it.