Who are the ARRTI alumni?

If you completed an M.Sc. or a Ph.D. under the supervision of an ARRTI researcher, you're an ARRTI alumnus.

If you completed a Postdoctoral fellowship with an ARRTI research, you're an ARRTI alumnus.

If you did an Independent Study or an Honour's Thesis with an ARRTI researcher during your B.Sc., you're an ARRTI alumnus.

We'd like to know what you are up to!

If you want to keep in touch with ARRTI, we'd love to hear from you.

Our trainees want to see where past ARRTI members have ended up, and sometimes have questions about how they can get there too.  If you want to be part of an ARRTI alumni mentorship network, send the information below to RNA@uleth.ca.

  1. Name and current contact information
  2. What program did you complete with ARRTI and who was your supervisor?
  3. What was your reseach focus with ARRTI?
  4. Where do you work now?

The goal is to develop a mailing list or other method of contact and communication, where we can keep our alumni up-to-date on what ARRTI is doing, and trainees can get advice on their career path.  This is work in progress.