ARRTI Speaker Series

The Alberta RNA Research and Training Institute (ARRTI) has been holding the ARRTI Speaker Series since 2014, in which we invite researchers, both local and external, to speak about their current research in RNA and related topics.  The goal of the ARRTI Speaker Series is two-fold: 1) build relationships between researchers and trainees by sharing research developments in a positive environment that encourages constructive discussions and feedback; and 2) raise public awareness of the breadth of RNA research and its value in medicine, agriculture and other socially important areas.

Since its inception, we have hosted talks from institutions in North America, Europe, and Asia.  Our objective is to bring together RNA researchers across the boundaries of traditional disciplines and encourage interdisciplinary collaborations.  To this end, the lectures have covered a wide range of fields of study, including biochemistry, chemistry, molecular biology, medicine, genetics, agriculture, mathematics, and philosophy.   The breadth of topics provides a unique academic experience for our undergraduate and graduate students, keeping them informed about the current developments in the RNA field, and educating them on techniques and information that they can use as they move forwards in their academic careers.

For more information on past events, please use the links to the left to see previous speakers sorted by year.

We have received financial support for these events from the RNA Society through their RNA Salon Initiative, as well as from Lexogen (also as part of the RNA Salon initiative).