Acknowledge SynBridge

SynBridge would be grateful for formal acknowledgement in any publication, grant proposal, poster, scholarly report or presentation that contain data generated by our team. 

Thank you!

 Why should you consider acknowledging SynBridge?

It's the science that speaks for us! A visible measure of the impact of core facilities is the number of facility-contributed publications. Thus, proper acknowledgement of these contributions in publications and in grant proposals is essential for their continued financial support.

 How do you acknowledge SynBridge?

 The following language would be appropriate for acknowledgement in the Materials and Methods section:
_________ was performed by/at SynBridge at the University of Lethbridge (Lethbridge, AB, Canada).
The following language would be appropriate for acknowledgement at the end of the manuscript:
We thank the University of Lethbridge for the use of SynBridge (Lethbridge, AB, Canada), which provided ________ service.


Core facility personnel are scientists. If a staff member of the facility contributes above and beyond the standard service agreement for experimental work and/or makes a substantial intellectual contribution beyond routine sample or data interpretation, it would be thoughtful to include her/him in the acknowledgements or to name that staff member on the publication just as any other co-author.

If you'd like to help us keeping track of our contributions, please let us know when your research is published or a grant is awarded. Send us a link to your publication, too, so that we can feature it on our website!