Study Abroad

Your Window to the World

There are numerous reasons why you should incorporate an education abroad experience into your degree, and uLethbridge International offers many ways for you to do it. Study abroad for a semester, participate in group summer programs, take courses abroad, or gain international work experience by completing an internship. 


uLethbridge offers you many opportunities to explore the world

uLethbridge International is committed to offering you the benefits of an intercultural learning environment that will enable you to realize your career goals and become a global citizen. Through the opportunities we offer, you will be able to develop your intercultural competencies, experience global learning and make friends from around the world. 

Volunteer with international and exchange students!

Through these programs you can gain mentoring and leadership skills in a cross‐cultural environment, and learn about other cultures and countries.


The International Student Mentorship Program is a volunteer peer-mentor program in which new international students are matched with continuing uLethbridge students who can provide ongoing advice and information about life at the university and in Lethbridge. Mentors provide ongoing social support, assistance and guidance throughout the international student's first semester.  You would be able to share your personal experiences, easing their transition to university in Canada, and will learn from them, too!


The Buddy Program for Exchange Students is a friendship program in which uLethbridge students are connected with incoming exchange students to help ease their transition to Lethbridge and to the university. Volunteer to provide peer support and friendship to exchange students from around the globe!

Hear from students who added an international experience to their degree!

Taylor - Semester Exchange in Japan

Taylor Galipeau on Japan

Justin - Semester Exchange in France

France exchange Justin Quintin

Alison - Summer Exchange in Germany

Germany Schmalkalden Alison

Victoria - Semester Exchange in Poland

Poland Exchange Victoria



Daniel - Hungary Work Study Program

Hungary work study Daniel

Robert - Summer Exchange in Germany

Germany Summer Exchange Robert

Robin - Hungary Work Study Program

Hungary work study Robin

Kira - Semester Exchange in Japan


Study Abroad Kira NUFS