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Global Skills Opportunity

Getting a global education just got more accessible


Gain International Skills. This is Your Ticket.

Through the Global Skills Opportunity program, the Government of Canada is funding Student Mobility Projects at the University of Lethbridge. We want our students, especially underrepresented students, to take advantage of international learning experiences and to develop important intercultural skills.

Through this program, students who face barriers to participation, especially Indigenous students, students with financial needs, and those with disabilities, are funded to participate in international learning opportunities both at home and abroad.

Add intercultural competency, language fluency and technical knowledge to your resume.


Am I eligible for funding?

Funding is open to all Canadian students registered full time in undergraduate programs at the University of Lethbridge. Preference will be given to underrepresented students (Indigenous students, students with financial need, and those with disabilities). 

You must meet these requirements to be eligible:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Be registered in full-time studies and be in good academic standing. 
  • Be 18 years of age or older. 

International students are ineligible for funding.

Learn more by visiting the Global Skill Opportunity FAQ!


Where can I go?

This program seeks to diversify destination countries and will provide funding for study/work-abroad experiences in non-traditional countries. Non-traditional countries refer to all countries other than the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Australia. Underrepresented students can go anywhere, including traditional countries. 


How much funding can I receive?

You can receive up to $10,000 for an in-person experience abroad. The amount of funding you qualify for depends on the length of your international experience and whether you belong to any of the underrepresented student groups. Underrepresented students could also qualify for $750 to participate in virtual international experiences. 

You can receive up to:

Short-term experiences: less than five weeks

Underrepresented students

All other students

Any country

Traditional country

Non-traditional country




Long-term experiences : five weeks or longer

Underrepresented students

All other students

Any country

Traditional country

Non-traditional country





What international experiences are possible within GSO?

There are many options for you to add a funded international experience to your degree!

Take part in in-person study abroad experiences, such us faculty-led programs, semester exchanges, and short-term study abroad programs. 

Explore education abroad programs

Complete in-person work integrated learning experiences abroad, including student-initiated experiences. These consist of co-op, applied studies courses, internships, and work-study programs.

Create your own international experience.

Take distance courses offered by our exchange partner institutions.

Email us to inquire about available virtual exchange courses

Take a designated uLethbridge course or or participate in an Agility Project with an international component. Areas of study include entrepreneurship, food security, language and culture, and global citizenship.

What can I gain from an international experience?

Get the international skills that employers want and need. Unlock your potential through life-changing experiences. 

International study and work experiences help you build the intercultural competencies needed for the future of work. Experience new cultures, build a global network, expand your horizons, and bolster your resume.

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