Exchange Application

Application Instructions

Please complete the following information and submit this form, along with the required documents by the application deadline. Documents can either be uploaded directly to the bottom of this form, or submitted to the International Centre (SU060).

The following items must be submitted with your application by the application deadline:

1) Official Transcript

2) 250-word essay describing why you want to participate in this exchange and how it will assist you in achieving your academic and personal goals

3) A copy of your receipt showing proof of payment for $140.00 exchange application fee (A $140 non-refundable exchange fee is required to be paid immediately after submission of your online exchange application form. Applications will not be processed until the fee has been paid. The exchange fee is payable by cash or cheque to the Cash Office, where a receipt will be issued. Cheques must be made out to the University of Lethbridge. Calgary campus students can submit payment to their local University of Lethbridge office. Students are also asked to write their name, U of L ID number, and semester of their exchange on the cheque. This fee is refunded only if a student’s application for exchange is denied.)

Letters of reference may be required based on partner requirements. 

Exchange Programs

Please select which exchange(s) in which you would like to participate, and order them in preference. Exchange descriptions are available on the International Centre website (

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Academic Information
Language Proficiency

Please list any language courses you have completed, or languages (other than English) in which you are fluent. State degree of fluency in each language.

Emergency Contact Information
Interview Availability

Please indicate the times that you are available for an interview and if applicable send a copy of your timetable to

Please upload the following documents to complete your application form. If you can not upload all documents at this time, you may submit any remaining documentation to the International Centre (SU040) before the application deadline. All documents must be submitted with your application by the application deadline.