Physical Education

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Options available

  • Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Education (After an approved degree)


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Program description

The Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education enables students to study and promote life-long physical activity involvement. Physical activity plays a major role in our lifestyle - from young to old we all participate in different physical activities. Kinesiology helps to understand these activities, the need for physical activity, as well as facets of motivation, history, anatomy, and psychology. As an Education major a student develops a strong knowledge base in the subject area they intend to teach. They also receive in-depth preparation in how to teach, including both general and subject area instructional methods.

The following degrees can be combined with the Bachelor of Education (Physical Education) degree:

  • Kinesiology
  • General Major in the Social Sciences

Possible careers

  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Athletic Director
  • Adventure & Outdoor Education Instructor
  • Recreation Programmer
  • Athletic Coach
  • Nutritionist
  • Athletic Training
  • Exercise Rehabilitation
  • Sports Sociology

Admission requirements


​​​First-year students cannot enter directly into Faculty of Education programs. You must complete two years in a Pre-Education program before applying for admission to the Faculty. Admission to Education is competitive, so your entry depends on your university grade-point average (GPA) and meeting other program specific requirements. The general requirements for education programs include:

  • Education 2500
  • A minimum of 14 graded university-level courses (42 credit hours)
  • A minimum number of courses in teachable subject matter with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50
  • A competitive post-secondary grade-point average

For more complete admission requirements, visit the Faculty of Education. Please also review the additional information below to see if there are any additional requirements for this major.


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Sample classes

  • Kinesiology 1000: Wellness and Physical Activity
  • Physical Activity 2225: Children's Dance
  • Education 4361: History of Canadian Education
  • Education 4381: Ethics of Teaching

Additional information

Admission to the Faculty of Education:

  • Application Deadline | February 1
  • Document Deadline | March 1

The Faculty of Education does not grant direct entry. Students complete two years in a Pre-Education program prior to applying for admission to the Faculty. After two years of Pre-Education, admission to the Faculty of Education is competitive and is based on your university grades and meeting other requirements. The required average will vary depending on your area of study.

Combined Degrees -€“ B.A / B.Ed
Students may meet the Physical Education major requirements by completing a major in Kinesiology or the General Major in the Social Sciences (at least 7 courses in Kinesiology and 4 courses in each of two other disciplines in the Social Sciences).

See program overview for the Combined Degrees Program

See the Combined Degrees Program Planning Guides

If You Already Have a Degree
If you wish to enter the Faculty of Education with a major in Physical Education, you must have a recognized degree that includes a major in Physical Education or a closely related discipline. In addition, all other prerequisites for admission must be met.

At the time of admission, the nature of the applicants degree is examined, and a program is planned and approved by the Faculty of Education. If the approved degree contains the necessary components, including a completed teaching major, both certification and B. Ed. requirements may be met upon completion of 20 courses in Education.

Special Admission Requirements
See program overview for the After Degree Program.

If you are thinking of transferring to the University of Lethbridge to complete a degree in Education, your admission to the Faculty will depend on where you are in your current program.

You may be considered for direct entry to the Faculty of Education if you have already completed a minimum of 14 graded university-level courses (42 credit hours) and meet all other admission requirements.

If you haven’t yet completed these requirements, you can apply to be a part of the Pre-Education program in the Faculty of Arts and Science, Fine Arts or Management. Learn more about what you need to transfer to the Faculty of Education.