Medicine (Pre-professional transfer program- University of Calgary)

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Fall & Spring

Program description

Pre-professional transfer programs at uLethbridge facilitate a jump start on your professional career in a smaller, more personal environment than some of the larger universities.

Through arrangements between the University of Lethbridge and professional Faculties at other universities, transfer programs have been established that will prepare students for admission to professional programs offered at other institutions.

Not only will you save money on things like tuition and your cost of living, but you’ll also have access to the professors teaching your classes — and writing your textbooks — and the opportunity to participate in research as an undergraduate student.

These programs are intended to give students priority access to courses satisfying the programs recommended by the professional schools. While these programs have been designed to transfer seamlessly to our partner universities, they are not exclusive and could be used to transfer to other professional schools. Students should seek advice from the school to which they intend to transfer if this is their intent.

Students at uLethbridge may prepare themselves to apply for admission to a number of professional programs offered at other institutions. Medicine at the University of Calgary (U of C) is one of these programs. Students can gain the courses and experience to apply to medicine at the U of C by pursing a Bachelor of Science at uLethbridge with a recommended major in:

  • agricultural biotechnology
  • biochemistry
  • biological sciences
  • chemistry
  • neuroscience

Although the majors listed above are recommended, students from a wide variety of majors are admitted to this program. Most successful applicants to the U of C program will have completed an undergraduate degree. However, to be considered for admission, prospective students must have completed a minimum of two full years at uLethbridge at the time of application.

No degree is preferred and no specific courses are required for application or acceptance to these MD programs. The admissions committees recommend that applicants consider taking as many of the courses listed below as their schedules allow, as the content of these courses will be helpful when writing the MCAT and during the MD program. Whether or not an applicant has taken these courses at the time of application will not be taken into consideration in scoring the academic record.

Suggested courses:

  • biology
  • organic and inorganic chemistry
  • physics
  • English
  • biochemistry
  • physiology
  • statistics or calculus
  • psychology, sociology, or anthropology

Completion of the recommended courses does not guarantee admission.

Dream big, and have the confidence in your education to get you there. Make uLethbridge your destination.

Possible careers

  • Clinical
  • Forensic Medical Examiner
  • Doctor
  • Health Journalist
  • Medical Legal Adviser
  • Medical/ Pharmaceutical researcher

Sample classes

  • Cellular Basis of Life
  • Diversity of Life
  • Principles of Genetics
  • General Chemistry I&II
  • Organic Chemistry I&II
  • Introductory Biochemistry
  • Introduction to Physics I

Additional information

For current information on admission and program requirements, visit the Registrar's Office website.


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