Drama Education

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Options available

  • Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts – Drama / Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Education (After an approved degree)


  • Lethbridge


Fall & Spring

Program description

Receive two degrees in five years by combining your studies in drama education from K-12. Choose to become a drama specialist in the classroom by combining your love of drama and teaching with either the highly specialized BFA focussing on acting, stagecraft, design, and directing, or a BA with broader studies in science, social sciences, humanities and your drama major.

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The breadth of our program enables you to share your artistic knowledge in various educational contexts and to guide the entire process of producing a play from beginning to end.

As an Education major, you will develop a strong knowledge base in the subject area you intend to teach. Receive in-depth preparation in how to teach, including both general and subject area instructional methods.

Which Faculty to choose?

Both the Bachelor of Fine Arts – Dramatic Arts or the Bachelor of Arts (Dramatic Arts) combined with a Bachelor of Education programs are 5-year combined degrees with K-12 experience through the Faculty of Education. Choosing between the two programs is dependent on the amount of drama courses you would like to have in your major.

Students interested in teaching Jr. High or High School are encouraged to pursue the Bachelor of Fine Arts - Dramatic Arts/Bachelor of Education degree. This stream offers a more focused fine arts approach which will allow students to build expertise in the drama field, enabling students to take the reins of secondary-level drama education.

Students interested in teaching elementary school are encouraged to pursue the Bachelor of Arts-Dramatic Arts/Bachelor of Education degree. The flexibility of this stream will allow students to gain a diversified set of qualifications which will better meet the needs of multi-subject teaching common in elementary schools.

Drama Department  Faculty of Education

Possible careers

  • Drama Teacher
  • Acting Coach
  • Actor
  • Costume Designer
  • Theatre Manager
  • Program Coordinator
  • Scriptwriting
  • Technical Directing
  • Casting
  • Teaching/Coaching

Some of these careers require additional education. Students may also choose to continue their education at the MFA or Ph.D. level.

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Admission requirements


​​​First-year students cannot enter directly into Faculty of Education programs. You must complete two years in a Pre-Education program before applying for admission to the Faculty. Admission to Education is competitive, so your entry depends on your university grade-point average (GPA) and meeting other program specific requirements. The general requirements for education programs include:

  • Education 2500
  • A minimum of 14 graded university-level courses (42 credit hours)
  • A minimum number of courses in teachable subject matter with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50
  • A competitive post-secondary grade-point average

For more complete admission requirements, visit the Faculty of Education. Please also review the additional information below to see if there are any additional requirements for this major.

I enjoyed this degree program immensely because it allowed me to hone my creativity. My creativity has allowed me to approach challenging situations in unique ways, and find solutions that would often be overlooked. In an ever-changing landscape, this adaptability has allowed me to consistently find passion in every project that I pursue.

- Erica Barr

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Additional information

5 Years (combined degrees)

2 Years (after degree)

  • University Theatre – 450-seat proscenium theatre
  • David Spinks Theatre – configurable black box
  • Performance lab, rehearsal studios, greenroom, and dressing rooms
  • Scenic, lighting, and costume design studios
  • Scene & Properties shop with industrial, power, and hand tools
  • Costume labs
  • Dye and craft room
  • Electrics area

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Participate in a dynamic season of theatre activities, including Mainstage productions supervised by professors, the student-run TheatreXtra series, and an array of practical workshops, play readings, public forums, and special events.

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