International experiences

Go global with the University of Lethbridge

Imagine learning and working abroad, while absorbing the beauty of new places and new cultures. You can do that with the Dhillon School of Business.

Our work-study programs offer students the opportunity to experience six-week programs in either Hungary or Malaysia, or summer and full semester exchanges at more than 46 partner universities all over the world.

Work-study opportunities

Budapest, Hungary

Hungary work-study

Experience the beauty and history of Budapest for six weeks as you live in one of Europe's grandest cities, and gain practical work knowledge with a multi-national company..

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Malaysia work-study

Live, work and study in exciting Malaysia for six weeks. Experience the fast life and diverse culture and traditions in Kuala Lumpur while getting valuable experience through project work.

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Arc De Triomphe

International exchanges

Why should you go on an international exchange? For an incredible adventure, to experience another culture and to learn self-reliance, to name just a few. The International Centre offers full-semester and summer exchanges.

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