Applied Studies courses are facilitated through the MyExperience platform.  

To help familiarize yourself with the system, follow the steps below.



  1. Visit and select “Student”. 
  2. Enter your University of Lethbridge Single Sign On credentials 

Once you are logged in you can select “Applied Studies” from the left menu. 

APST Dashboard

apst dashboard

Your Applied Studies Dashboard 

From the Applied Studies Dashboard, you will be able to select your personalized course record by selecting “click for details”. You can also see a summary of important dates for the current term as well as Applied Studies Coordinator contact details. 

View WTR

Scroll down till you see your Applied Studies Sequence and select “View WTR” (Stands for Work Term Record)

apst sequence


Work Term Record

Once you are in your “Work Term Record”, you will see an overview of your Applied Studies course. From here you can edit some portions of your Applied Studies Placement Details form, as well as Track Hours completed, submit your Learning Plan, Monthly Reports and Final Project. 

To Edit Applied Studies Placement Details, select Edit. 

Create Records

You can “Create Records” by selecting the type of record you wish to create for the following: 

  • Hour Tracking 
  • Learning Plan 
  • Monthly Reports #1 – #4 (please note, only 3 may be required) 
  • Final Project 

APST Hours

APST monthly report

Academic Plan, Monthly Reports & Final Project 

Once you’ve created a record for your Academic Plan, Monthly Reports or a Final Project, your Coordinator will provide you with feedback directly within your record.