Gairdner Symposium

Since 2013, the University of Lethbridge is proud to host a Gairdner Foundation University Lecture.  Since 2015, the Alberta RNA Research and Training Institute has been assisting with the organization of these events.  Each year, a Gairdner Award winner visits the University of Lethbridge to give a public presentation on their research.  This is often presented as part of a larger symposium, where our students have a chance to present their work to the awardee.  As well, there is a visit to a local school, where the awardee talks about their career in the sciences.

About the Canada Gairdner International Award:

The Canada Gairdner International Award is presented annually by the Canada Gairdner Foundation to international researchers who have made exceptional contributions to biomedical sciences. The Canada Gairdner International Award is exceeded in prestige by only a few international awards, including the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Since 1959, there have been 326 researchers presented with the Canada Gairdner International Award; of these 326 researchers, 83 have gone on to win a Nobel Prize in Medicine or Chemistry. The Canada Gairdner International Award has an international reputation for recognizing outstanding medical breakthroughs, and it is now widely considered to be an indicator of future Nobel Prize-winning research. 

The Canada Gairdner Foundation is also a national educational program supported by the Government of Canada, as well as the Government of Alberta. In 2008, the Canadian Government provided the Canada Gairdner Foundation with $20 million to continue the award for future generations. Part of this funding is used to inspire young people to consider medical and scientific careers, and to increase public awareness of the value of scientific research and discovery. To this end, the Canada Gairdner Foundation sends Award winners to more than 20 Canadian university so that they may discuss their research careers with scientists, research trainees, and high school students to foster scientific curiosity. 

Below is a selected list of Canada Gairdner International Award winners and a brief description of the research for which they were awarded the prize. Researchers whose names appear in bold have gone on to win a Nobel Prize.