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The AIP (American Institute of Physics) Physics Resources Center has launched a new website called This site features a directory of graduate programs in physics and related fields plus useful resources for students and faculty. Visit:

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Physics Today :

Careers in Canada:

Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society:

CAP (Canadian Association of Physics) website:
CreoScitech website:
Insights Physics Slide Show:
Science Magazine website:
Natural Resources Canada: Canada Centre for Remote Sensing:
Natural Resources Canada: Geological Survey of Canada
Canadian Space Agency:
National Research Council of Canada:

Careers in the U.S.:

(from "Physics Today", April 2001 issue)
American Meteorological Society:
Acoustical Society of America:
American Association for the Advancement of Science:
American Association of Physicists in Medicine:
American Association of Physics Teachers:
American Astronomical Society:
American Chemical Society:
American Geophysical Union:
American Institute of Physics:
American Physical Society:
American Vacuum Society:
Biophysical Society:
Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology:
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers:
National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council:
National Science Foundation:
Optical Society of America:
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation:
The Society for Archaeological Sciences:


Institute of Particle Physics:
Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute:
Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists:

**NEW** The American Institute of Physics has published a comprehensive job hunting and career preparation guide entitled Landing Your First Job: A Guide for Physics Students. The book provides physics students with the skills they need to make their way in today's job market.
This book, written by Dr. John Ridgen, is indispensable for all students of physics. The volume contains information about the job search, cover letters, resume writing, interview preparation, and salary negotiation. It also includes the latest employment statistics and vignettes of physicists in the workplace. To order Landing Your First Job, (see "Resources for Job Seekers," then "Landing Your First Job") call 301-209-3190, or email Enter or mention code 193451 to receive 5% off.

Women in Physics ( examples of women who have contributed to science and mathematics)

Who's Hiring Physics Bachelors?

A state-by-state listing of some of the employers who have recently hired new physics bachelors. The lists may be useful to job seekers in identifying the variety of companies that hire physics bachelors and to physics departments wishing to strengthen contacts with their local employers.

You can find the listing at: