Minor in Physics for the BA, BSc and BASc - NEW!

Physics Minor | New 14/15

The minor in Physics is available as an adjunct to all majors in the BA, BSc, and BASc except the major in Physics, the major in Remote Sensing, and the General Major in the Sciences if Physics is chosen as one of the disciplinary streams.

Required courses:

1Physics 2000 - Introduction to Physics II

1Physics 2120 - Introduction to Physics III

2Physics 2130 - Waves, Optics and Sound

Physics 3750 - Contemporary Physics

One of:

Physics 1000 - Introduction to Physics I

Physics 1050 - Introduction to Biophysics

One of:

Astronomy 2020 - Modern Astronomy

Astronomy 2070 - The Solar System

Astronomy 3020 - Introduction to Cosmology

1Prerequisite required: Mathematics 1560; Corequisite required: Mathematics 2560. 2Corequisite required: Mathematics 1560.