Smudging is the burning of sweetgrass, sage or cedar to accompany prayer or mindful meditation. Smudging is a vital daily occurrence that is conducted with reverence. In an organizational setting, smudging may occur in small settings one-on-one, in large gatherings or at the beginning of activities such as pipe offerings, Indigenous events or meetings.

At ULethbridge, there are 30 rooms or areas on campus where you are able to smudge to help create a positive mindset and bless a space, including the Iikaisskini (Low Horn) Gathering Centre.​ In the Iikaisskini (Low Horn) Gathering Centre, a special ventilation and exhaust system is in place to ensure a smudging is done safely and in adherence to traditional protocol.

Students, staff and faculty must follow the institutional policy on the standard operating procedures for smudging and pipe offerings. Learn more about the smudging policy.