The Carolla Calf Robe, Napiakii
Elders & Ceremony Room



The Carolla Calf Robe, Napiakii Room is a meaningful place on campus

Named for Carolla Calf Robe, Napiakii an Elder in Residence at ULethbridge for 11 years until her passing in 2019. Carolla selflessly served the ULethbridge community with her wisdom and spirituality, providing support and traditional counsel to those in need.

Described as a native herbalist, Carolla learned about plants from Elder Grandmothers. In the 1970s, her own grandmother transferred her the right to make medicine, when began instructing others in plant identification and common uses. Carolla worked with several agencies and used her insight, based on both traditional and Western models, to help people make changes in their lives. In addition to working with ULethbridge, Carolla also worked with Red Crow College and the Galileo Educational Network.

University Hall
Section A, fourth floor
Room A430
(next to the Tatsikiistamik Lounge)

Contact Iikaisskini Indigenous Services for inquiries about the Carolla (Napiakii) Calf Robe Elders and Ceremony Room