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University of Lethbridge

Alberta's Destination University

One of Canada's top-ranked universities and leading research institutions, the University of Lethbridge is a community of inspiring lights united by one common purpose — you. Your education. Your future. And the limitless ability you have to make an important difference in the world.

Why study at ULethbridge?

ULethbridge Ty Dudas & Dr. Jean-Denys Hamel research processes to make fluorinated molecules.

Experience for everyone

At ULethbridge, students get campus AND career experiences!

Learn to think

At ULethbridge, you learn how to think; not what to think. You are a student of the world, preparing not only for the careers of the future, but also creating a better tomorrow.

Create, inquire, discover

At ULethbridge, students at all levels play a key role in the discoveries they learn about in the classroom. By participating in the investigative journey, your learning goes beyond the theoretical to the practical.

Clear your head. Fill your mind.

From our extraordinary campus and facilities, to student services, academic programs, class sizes and beyond - students are central to all we do at the ULethbridge.

Learn by living

Your education isn't just about what you learn in the classroom. It's also about the experiences you have OUTSIDE of it.

ULethbridge in 360˚

View our campus and its landscape, student spaces and residence units.