Addictions Counselling

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  • Bachelor of Health Sciences
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences (Addictions Counselling) / Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)


  • Lethbridge



Program description

The Bachelor of Health Sciences program in addictions counselling at the University of Lethbridge is the only undergraduate Canadian program of its kind. The program gives students the knowledge they need to guide people through the addiction recovery process. In their fourth year of studies, students will complete two 13-week internships, offering them valuable clinical experience to prepare them for their careers.

The program provides students with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed for a role in treatment, prevention, and health promotion wherever addiction affects people's lives. It focuses on a range of addictive behaviours and intervention strategies, including substance abuse, problem gambling, and sexual or eating disorders. The program includes a thorough study of current issues in addictions, and an intensive training in counselling skills.

Graduates from this four-year program earn a Bachelor of Health Sciences with a major in addictions counselling.

Combine your Addictions Counselling and Psychology interests with a BHSc/BA!

Explore the five-year combined Bachelor of Health Sciences / Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Addictions Counselling/Psychology. Prepare for graduate studies and/or careers in mental health, from prevention and health promotion to intervention and treatment by gaining specialized practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

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Application deadline (BHSc/BA): March 1

Additional admission requirements (BHSc/BA):

Possible careers

  • Addictions Counsellor
  • Career Counsellor
  • Case Worker (Child/ Youth Worker)
  • Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist
  • Clinical Social Worker
  • Clinical Support Staff
  • Concurrent Disorders Youth Counsellor
  • Crisis Counsellor
  • Family School Liaison Counsellor
  • Family Support Worker
  • Housing Outreach Worker
  • Mental Health Counsellor
  • Registered Psychologist
  • Probation & Parole Officer
  • Residential Services Manager
  • Seniors & Caregivers Case Manager & Counsellor
  • Transitional Housing Support Specialist
  • Withdrawal Management Counsellor

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Admission requirements


​For admission, Canadian high school students in Alberta must have completed five of the following courses with a minimum 65% average across them:

This course
  • English Language Arts 30-1
Three of these courses
  • Aboriginal Studies 30
  • Art 30 or Art 31
  • Biology 30
  • Chemistry 30
  • Choral Music 30, General Music 30, or Instrumental Music 30
  • Dance 35
  • Drama 30
  • Mathematics 30-1 or Mathematics 30-2
  • Mathematics 31
  • Physics 30
  • Science 30
  • Social Studies 30-1
  • Five credits in Advanced-level CTS Computer Science (CSE)
  • One or more distinct languages at the 30 level
One additional
  • That has not already been used
  • May be from the list above
  • Must be at the 30 level
  • Must be worth at least five credits (multiple courses worth a total of five or more credits can be used)
  • Cannot be a Special Project


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Sample classes

  • ADCS 1000 - Introduction to Addiction Studies
  • ADCS 2245 - Assessment of Addictions
  • ADCS 3150 - Adult Psychopathology
  • ADCS 3420 - Ethics in Addictions Counselling

Additional information

Alberta Health Services Addictions Counselling Bursary
Four bursaries | $2,500 (disbursed $1,500 the first year and $1,000 the second year)

Alberta Blue Cross 50th Anniversary Health Sciences Award