Michael Madore, BEd, MBA, MEd



Lethbridge campus |  403-329-2439

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I grew up in:
Plaster Rock, N.B.
I started working with the Dhillon School of Business in:
My research interests include:
Experiential learning, digital and retail marketing, entrepreneurship and small business strategy (management).


My alma maters are:
UNB Fredericton, City University Seattle and ULethbridge


I'm passionate about:
Experiential learning, teaching and organized sports (golf and hockey in particular).
My biggest fear is:
Really not fearful of anything, snakes I guess?
If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life it would be:
Turkey dinner
The best advice I have ever received is:
Enjoy time with my kids, as they grow up fast.


A perfect day for me looks like:
Getting the chance to spend time with my family and friends.