Data Driven Student Learning (Assurance of Learning)

The Dhillon School of Business is committed to improving student learning.  We ensure our graduates have the knowledge and skills to be successful in their careers. To accomplish this, the School looks at the following items:

  • What graduates should know and be able to do;
  • how do we demonstrate this learning, and
  • did student performance meet our expectations on the selected learning competencies.

Our expectation is that 70% of our students will be meeting and exceeding expectations in the areas of Communication, Critical Thinking, Global Mindset, Quantitative and Information Literacy, and Social Responsibility. This continuous improvement process and our selected learning competencies reflect our mission of being a dynamic learning organization that creates impactful knowledge and develops responsible citizens.

Undergraduate Program Mission Aligned AoL Results for 2020-21

The dashboard uses a barometer of Worst, Red, Warning, Goal and Best percentages. The program assigns a weighting to each competency and scores it based on where the actual percentage falls. The program then combines all the scores for each competency into one overall score for the theme of each Program competency. The scoring is done out of 10. Each Competency is measured with a combination of direct and indirect measures. The indirect measures are from the latest NSSE scores and are given a lower weighting than the direct measures.