SPIRE ICC Post-Ops Meeting Agenda

Tuesday February 16, 2016 | Markin Hall (Room 1040)


09:05Introductory RemarksErasmus Okine, Vice-President (Research), University of Lethbridge
09:10Introductory Remarks and video from Premier NotleyMaria Fitzpatrick, MLA, Lethbridge East
09:15Introductory RemarksJames Doherty, ASC/CSA
09:25Introductory RemarksGriffin
09:30Herschel Mission & Current StatusPilbratt
10:00SPIRE & Canadian ParticipationGriffin & Davis
10:30Coffee Break
11:05The SPIRE FTSNaylor
11:35Talks by Canadian Associate ScientistsChair: Naylor
11:35Review of SPIRE High-Z ScienceScott
11:55Star Formation with SPIREDi Francesco
12:15Nearby Galaxies with SPIRE (inc FTS)Wilson
12:35The Interstellar MediumMartin
12:55Group Photograph & Lunch
14:15HIFI Science & Canadian ParticipationFich
14:45The Future: SPICARoelfsema
15:15Coffee Break
15:45SPIRE SAG Status ReportsChair: Griffin
15:45SAG 1 High-redshift GalaxiesClements
16:05SAG 2 Local GalaxiesWilson
16:25SAG 3 Star FormationDi Francesco
16:45SAG 4 ISMNaylor
17:25SAG 6 CircumstellarGriffin
18:00End Day 1
19:00Relaxing Social Event

Wednesday February 17, 2016 (tWiki) | Room B716

09:15Introduction & Objectives Chris
09:25Staffing Updates
09:30Spectrometer Plans for the Remainder of the Post-OpsSpectrometer Team
10:00Photometer Plans for the Remainder of Post-OpsPhotometer Team
11:00Handover Status
12:00Point Source Catalogue
14:00Team Splinters
15:30Team Splinters/Discussion


Social EventLethbridge Hurricanes Hockey Game

Thursday February 18, 2016 (tWiki) | Room B716

09:00Team Splinters
13:30Team Splinters

Friday February 19, 2016 (tWiki) | Room B716

  • TBD