Evan Strangward


Evan Strangward, BA '10

History may deal with the past, but this history student at the U of L is breaking new ground.

Meet Evan. He grew up in south-east Calgary, and he chose to attend the University of Lethbridge because he had friends who mentioned the great atmosphere. Evan had heard about the close-knit community and the strong relationships that students can develop with their professors.

Evan is completing a history degree, but in his second year at the U of L, Evan began taking classes in the archaeology department. From there, he’s never looked back.

“I always knew I wanted to study history, and I am still pursuing that now. However, my exposure to archaeology classes has led me in a new direction, and upon graduation, I want to pursue a career in archaeology.”

When asked what he has enjoyed the most thus far in his degree, without hesitation he replies, “I have enjoyed the classes where I can be very involved hands-on. Going out into the field and being able to see what you’re learning about first hand is a great way to really learn the information. It makes you want to learn more, and encourages you to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself.”

“Last summer, I participated in an archaeological dig at Tel Beth Shemesh, Israel. I travelled with twenty other students from the university and spent five weeks digging at a site mentioned in the bible."

In addition to Israel, Evan’s travelled to Mongolia and South Korea. In Mongolia, he participated in a bronze era habitation and burial site. In Korea, he’s studying Korean culture, language, history and politics.

“I would recommend the University of Lethbridge to high school students who want to become involved in their university community, by building the relationships with their professors and fellow students they may not have the opportunity to do at a larger institution.”