Prerequisites & Waivers

A number of English courses have prerequisite(s) to help ensure you have the necessary background to succeed in the course.

If you feel you have the background to take the course without having the listed prerequisites you may be able to receive a prerequisite waiver in some instances. 

To request a prerequisite waiver, you must contact the instructor of the course in which you wish to enroll.  If they agree to allow you to enroll in the course, they will help you complete the waiver form.  In filling out the Rationale portion you should briefly indicate the background qualifications that will allow you to succeed in the class without the prerequisite. (An interest in the course or needing the course to graduate are not in themselves rationales for a waiver).

The prerequisite form should then be sent to the Department's Administrative Assistant for circulation for signatures.  Once the signatures have been received, the form will be returned to you as it is your responsibility to ensure that the prerequisite waiver form is submitted to Arts & Science Advising (their office is located in Markin Hall - M2102).